Dating pendleton blanket labels

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English made blankets were marketed by many different firms, including T. They have always contracted to have them made by various woolen mills in England, a practice which continues to this day. This move was based on the recommendation of Germain Maugenest, a French trader who was experienced in the Indian trade. The French were actually the originators of the point blanket system in the late 17th century, and these short hash marks, or points as they are called, represented the size, and thus a value, of the blanket.

Until approximately , it is thought that all blankets purchased by Hudson Bay were made by various mills in and around Witney.

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The company is named for the Hudson Bay and the blankets were typically traded to First Nations in exchange for beaver pelts. The blankets continue to be sold by Canada’s Hudson’s Bay stores and have come to hold iconic status in Canada. In the North American fur trade , by , wool blankets accounted for more than 60 per cent of traded goods. Originally point blankets had a single stripe across each end, usually in blue or red. In the mids blankets began to be produced with a green stripe, red stripe, yellow stripe and indigo stripe on a white background; the four stripe colours were popular and easily produced using good colourfast dyes at that time.

From the early days of the fur trade, wool blankets were made into hooded coats called capotes by both natives and French Canadian voyageurs, which were well suited to Canada’s cold winters. Points are short black lines woven into the selvage of the blanket along the edge just above the bottom set of stripes. About four inches in length except in the case of half points, which are two inches , they indicate the finished overall size area of a blanket and allow a blanket’s size to be easily determined even when folded.

The point system was invented by French weavers in the mids since then, as now, blankets were shrunk as part of the manufacturing process. The word point derives from the French empointer, meaning “to make threaded stitches on cloth. Over the centuries the sizes of blankets have shifted, particularly during the s as beds became larger. Blankets of 2. Today Hudson’s Bay blankets are commonly found in point sizes of 3.

Canadian Blanket Labels

You in gold hudson’s bay point blanket at that is fairly easy. These include the hudson’s bay company 3. These striped coats at that, i have been partially worn away, between ‘s to the bar. I’ve considered buying hudson’s bay company is enjoyed as the bel-air bay company 3.

Hudson’s Bay Blanket Label. Point blankets were also manufactured in Canada by Ayer’s of Lachute; Continental Woolen Mills (Toronto); Horn.

The off-white wool patterned with slender stripes of green, red, yellow, and indigo played a vital role in how modern Canada came to be—and it’s still for sale today. But as far back as , the company, then under royal charter from England, operated as a fur trading business, pioneering the exploration and settling of Canada. According to the official company history, blankets had been taken to Hudson Bay as trade goods as far back as The durable and warm blanket was prized by the early fur traders, miners, and prospectors.

I could not truthfully estimate how many tons of river gravel was dumped onto it and washed in our attempts to find gold. But more importantly, the striped blanket proved highly popular with the native inhabitants of Canada. Easier to sew than bison and seal skins, and much quicker to dry, the blankets provided superb insulation during the harsh winter months. The term stemmed from the French empointer to make threaded stitches on the cloth.

A full point measured 4 — 5.

Dating hudson bay blanket labels

Numerous and frequently-updated resource results are available from this WorldCat. The guide includes hundreds of full colour photographs. It also includes a history of the point blanket in the Fur Trade, Indian Trade and the general retail trade of the 19th and 20th centuries. Importantly it includes information on how to identify the age and original manufacturer of point blankets either from their labels or the various styles of weaving and point marking.

There is a dating label guide to almost different labels including all of the ones used by Hbc since and most from the other thirty or so manufacturers and retailers. As well it details of the original size of the blankets depending on their number of points, years of manufacture and the manufacturing source mills.

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Forums Recent Posts New posts. What’s new New posts Latest activity. Account Upgrade. Log in Register. What’s new. Recent Posts. New posts. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Rarest Hudson’s Bay Blanket Label. The Golden Trademark. Red Ochre Guide. These Red embroidered Trademark labels were the very first to be sewn onto Hudson Bay Point blankets starting around And before this they sometimes used paper labels attached onto a corner with jute.

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Western Horse Review. Source, Pinterest. Recently I had the opportunity to bring my mother a gift. Was there anything more Canadian?

Traditional made with a Hudson’s Bay point blanket From the early days of the fur trade, wool blankets were made into hooded coats called by.

A few years ago I ran across an amazing guy called Harold Tichenor. And he has a wicked fetish for Point blankets. Adney, There are few objects more quintessentially Canadian. They have been the warmest, coziest and coolest bedding accessory in Canada for over years. The Blanket by Harold Tichenor ……. Yes, the title is a bit of a mouthful, but it has become a standard reference for antique dealers, curators and textile lovers all over the world.

There is an extensive label identification section, as well as a lively discussion of the cultural role that Point blankets played in both Canadian life, and that of the peoples of the First Nations of North America. It was great fun working with him to produce it. Did you contact him to see if he is interested in any of your blankets. My wife has a few blankets , one that is a 4 point rose colored with a gold label and we were looking for some information on it.

I have a question about what looks to be a 5 point HBC blanket with the four coloured stripes. But the tag only says All wool Made in England.

1920’s Hudson’s Bay Company Wool Blanket – 4 Point – Grey

Custom Search. Dating hudson bay blanket labels. Partnersuche neunkirchen saar. Hudson’s Bay Company point blankets are made in England by John The blanket label is the best tool to date a blanket : its colour, size, colour of thread, text What is the best dating site for over

I just purchased this Hudson’s Bay blanket coat that the seller listed as They don’t have an exact dating guide for the labels so your keen eye.

Explore more artifacts by. Buffum was manager of the Northern Traders store in the Tlicho community of Fort Rae now Behchoko , and his family lived in the area until Their daughter remembers being bundled in this blanket as a child. It remained in the family for over 70 years until being donated, in perfect condition — a testament to the quality of this iconic textile.

The points refer to the short, narrow black or indigo lines woven or threaded into a corner of the blanket. French traders first introduced the point system for wool blankets. Point, or pointed, blankets were part of the North American fur trade by the late s and were in use by French and English colonists and soldiers. From the earliest days a changing variety of colours were offered to discerning customers making choices based on cultural significance, individual taste, and changing fashions.

The insulating properties of wool meant the blankets had a ready market in northern climates. Wool is wind and water resistant and dries without becoming stiff, as skin garments might.

A Brief History of Canada’s Iconic Hudson’s Bay Blanket

But, of course, the Pendleton and Hudson Bay variety have an especially rich history. The Hudson Bay Company actually preceded Pendleton by more than years. Hudson Bay has manufactured blankets since and are known best for its striped blankets in indigo, yellow, red and green as seen in the first photo above, although they do come in other colors. Native Americans prized the blankets for their ability to hold warmth even when wet and because they were easier to sew than animal skins.

They traded beaver pelts, moccasins, buffalo skins and other trade goods for them.

This blanket is a rare mid ‘s Hudson’s Bay Company 4 point wool two hundred years” sporting a label clearly dating it to the late ‘s.

Jan 18, Posts about Woolrich Woolen Mills written by thevintagetraveler. These have the same label as the knickers, and they are so classic that I’d have a hard time accurately dating the, I’m guessing early s due to the flat front and the width of the legs. For comparison, this is the label that was used in the. Jan 17, I can’t find a date for or even a picture of this woolrich label.

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Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket. Spotted at the St. Lawrence Sunday Antique Market this past Sunday, an old HBC point blanket. Using Harold Tichenor ‘s book The.

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HBC Point Blanket